Temaiken: Remonizados
  /  Buenos Aires
We made a short film about a monkey. People liked it and now it seems like we’re stuck with the monkey business for good. That’s fine, we’re becoming apes ourselves. Enjoy this short spot! Subtitles in English are available.
  • Directors Julian Dorado
    German Heller
  • Concept Art & Character Design Marina Muñoz
  • 3D Character Modeling Patricia Schenfeld
  • Rigging / Projection Mapping Martin Berisso
  • Texture and Matte Painting Marina Muñoz
  • Storyboard Erica Villar
  • Animation Pablo Lorenzo
    Mauro Serei
    Ignacio Ochoa
  • 3D Lighting Jorge Tereso
  • Motion Graphics Julian Dorado
  • Edit and Postproduction German Heller