Aliados Musical
Cris Morena Group
  /  Buenos Aires
Aliados was the most ambitious theatre play ever performed in Buenos Aires in terms of animation and visual effects. This fast paced edit shows selected scenes from the complete hour and a half of visual content. Many short films were shot and produced specially for this play; you can see them below in the CLIPS section. The scenery was all digitally created and projected on 23ft tall LED screens.
  • Director Jorge Tereso
  • Executive Producer German Heller
  • Production Manager Federico Heller
  • Assistant Director Santiago Tereso
  • Production Coordinator Regina Porchietti
  • Production Assistant Natalia Toriano
  • General Assistant Renata Ferraris
  • Technical Coordination Javier Drucaroff
  • Visual Art Directors Federico Carlini
    Fernando Maldonado
    Marco Lococo
  • Compositor & VFX Artist Fernando Maldonado
  • Compositor & VFX Artist/ CG Modeler Marco Lococo
  • Compositor & VFX Artist/ CG Modeler Federico Carlini
  • Compositor & VFX Artist Alan Rinaldi
  • Graphic Design Julián Dorado
  • CG Modeler Javier Carabajal
  • CG Modeler Gabriel Carabajal
  • 3D Generalist Martin Berisso
  • Concept Artist/ Storyboard Marina Muñoz
  • Concept Artist Erica Villar
  • Concept Artist/ Mattepainter Pablo Olivera
  • Mattepainter Pablo Palomeque
  • Motion Graphics Designer Ezequiel Matteo
  • Editor/ Motion Graphics Designer Tomas Rajlevsky
  • Shooting Assistant Director Charo Venegas Calderon
  • Stagehand/ General Assistant Jose Basoalto Ortega
  • Make Up Malena Ibarra
  • System Administrator Martín Buezas
  • Technical Assistant Gonzalo Quesada