We are creatives, engineers,
artists and storytellers.

Art and the power of expression,
through technology.

We believe true passion drives
bold innovation.

Our goal is to captivate our audience and bring them into
new worlds through unique experiences.

Who we are

3dar is a collective of creatives, pushing the boundaries of
Virtual Reality, Animation and Visual Effects.

Our company has been innovating with new technologies since 2004, and working with
the largest brands in the TV, movie and commercial industries.

Our products


We use animation and VFX to
personify brands and projects
across a wide range of industries.

Feature Film

High-quality VFX where virtual and
real worlds combine.

Virtual Reality Content

Fully immersive VR content
generated from our own ideas, and
content designed to capture virtual
experiences for brands.


Enhancing real life through
experiential design.

We got the skills

3D Animation

For the past 10 years, we’ve
worked with the largest brands and
agencies to create award winning
commercials and content.

We do everything from idea,
concept art, storyboards, animatic,
animation, modeling, render, to
composition and more.

Our team has created over 250
commercials, viewed by millions of
people around the world.

Virtual Reality

We believe Virtual Reality is the
wave of the future, with incredible
potential to change the world.

Our studio is an early adopter
and creator of Virtual Reality
content, both original and
brand developed.

We’re constantly experimenting
with new and innovative
ways to incorporate VR into
our portfolio and improve
your brand experience.

Live Action/VFX

3dar specializes in the art of
storytelling through our live action
and VFX technologies.

Our studio has produced award
winning content, and has been
invited into over 100 film
festival selectionals.

We’ve directed, produced and
created short films, commercials,
and movies both independently, and
with the largest global brands.

The Team

  • German Heller
    Partner / CEO
  • Jorge Tereso
    Partner / Creative Director
  • Federico Heller
    Partner / Live Action Director

  • Lisa Besserman
  • Alejandro Cavanna
  • Martin Buezas
  • Julian Dorado
    Executive Producer
  • María José Tabares

  • Fernando Maldonado
    Director / VR & Animation
  • Santiago Tereso
    Director / VR
  • Federico Carlini
    Director / Live Action & VR
  • Marco Lococo
    Director / 3D
  • Erica Villar
    Art Director

We have worked with