Nesquik Runner
Pixel Bug
Middle East
3dar fully created the graphics, concept, animation and music for Nesquik's new phone/tablet game. It's a runner game in which you guide the good old bunny to get as much chocolate milk as possible. And of course, there's also the menace of a thief threatening to steal all the chocolate in the world.
Director / Producer
Martin Buezas
Concept Art
Marina Muñoz
Erica Villar
Fernanda Bermejo
Juan Cancelleri
Creative Direction
German Heller
Mariano Rodriguez
Martin Buezas
Cyrille Marchesseau
Marco Lococo
Jorge Alvarez
Fernando Maldonado
Marcol Lococo
Pablo Focareta
Martin Berisso
Unity Interfacing
Martin Berisso
Martin Buezas
Technical Supervisor
Jorge Tereso