Directors: Federico Carlini & German Heller
Federico Carlini & German Heller
Edward Norton as Robert
Edward Norton
as Robert
Archie Yates as Toto
Archie Yates
as Toto
Joss Stone as Elsa
Joss Stone
as Elsa

Paper Birds is a 30 minute interactive story about a young musician in search of true inspiration.

Starring Ed Norton, Joss Stone and Archie Yates, this VR film offers a unique way of interactivity with hand tracking as it has never seen before in a narrative piece.

Directed by
Federico Carlini & German Heller
Written by
German Heller
Narrated by
Ed Norton
Archie Yates
Joss Stone
Executive Producers
Yelena Rachitsky
Colum Slevin
German Heller
Federico Heller
Jorge Tereso
Kane Lee
Music by
Cyrille Marchesseau
Produced by
Averie Timm
German Heller
Federico Carlini
Art Director
Erica Villar
Head of CG
Ignacio Rocca
Animation Director
Andersson Rey
Lead Dev
Goyo Higa
Character Design By
Oscar Ramos
Visual Effects by
Andres Chouhy
Color and Photography
Flavio Grecopaglia
Lead Modeling and Shading
Lautaro Schpitzza
Technical Director
Martin Berisso (Tino)
Software Dev Team
Luciano Perez Badon
Maximiliano Muller
Ignacio Grillo
Production Coordination
Sol Fernandez
Mariano Nocitto
Lighting and Look Dev
Ignacio Rocca
Federico Carlini